The role of the wardrobe in a challenging economy


“A professional look is your key to success”


Difficult economic times are familiar to Calgarians. During these times, we have learned to focus our efforts, become more prudent with our expenditures, and rely on our creativity.


A challenging economy can create new opportunities … we begin to open our minds to new possibilities we generally ignore when we are comfortable … indeed, now is the time to rise to our best … and seize the opportunities that we make for ourselves … “to take a negative, and turn it into a positive”.


BP_11-01-10_1806rev Copy“Dress for where you want to be tomorrow,
not where you are today”


Now more than ever, we need to maximize on all our assets, and seek an optimized expression of who we are, what we stand for, and the vision we have committed ourselves to. When we engage with our clients and our stakeholders, we must be clear in our communication.


We must make sure that how we come across, and what we say are consistent. We get few chances to make a mark … so paying attention to what we wear is critical, because it sets the mood for every communication, every engagement, and every interaction we will have throughout the day. More often than not, people take more from non-verbal cues than from the verbal ones.


We must also plan what we wear based on who we expect to connect with that day, cognizant of what we want them to take away about us and our ideas … leaving nothing to chance. When in doubt, we should follow this axiom: “It is better to be over dressed than under dressed … be prepared when opportunity knocks” … we never know who we will meet, where we will meet them, and what doors they may be able to open for us … if we can impress them, they will be more willing to go the distance for us.


You only get minutes to make that first impression
… make it a lasting one.


Designing your wardrobe is our area of specialty … its what we do best. Regardless of your budget, we can assist in making every dollar you spend maximize your options to grant you success.
We can consult with you one-on-one, or with your entire team … through a private consultation, or a through a group event.


Contact us and let us assist you in attaining your goals … 403.252.1189


Zenar Navy Twill Suit 154-07Humberto Plain Blue Suit 154-05Humberto Dark Grey Check Suit 154-04 Dark Blue Window Pane Suit 154-03Navy Suit Solid 154-06Blue Birdseye Suit 154-01
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Wedding Hosting

Watch the video below as a sample of how we can host part of your wedding, as well as wardrobe the groom and groomsmens outfits 

Purchase your wedding outfits with us, and we will host the groom and groomsmens preparation in our award winning facilities for free (complete with light refreshments and rooftop pictures) … learn more

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Get your Stampede on



Check out our fashion forward Stampede outfits … a homage to our past and our future

Follow us on
and on
for our daily picks of Stampede outfits and see how we put it together

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PRPS In-store Event

On Tuesday June 30, 2015 we hosted a launching of PRPS Noir in our store.  The event featured a launch of an exclusive PRPS collection fashioned in traditional old world, hand crafted, sartorial approach to denim with production runs of only 50 pairs world wide of each denim.  The event served as a great start to the Calgary Stampede for 2015.

IMG_3909We thank all those guests who registered in attended this event and also thank Balance Velasquez from PRPS who travelled into Calgary to provide first hand knowledge of the collection.

If you are interested in attending future events at our store, please register here

IMG_3911                  IMG_3906                  IMG_3913

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SOS Children’s Villages Canada

formans menswear is proud to sponsor


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World Partnership Golf 2015

formans menswear is proud to sponsor
Raise awareness … Raise funds
Over $90,000,000 raised in Canada to End Global Poverty
100% of proceeds goes directly to development projects … no administration costs
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