Fashions fade … Style endures


The experience you have is what differentiates us …


Formans Menswear is a men’s clothing store engaged in the aesthetics involved in all your human interactions. Ultimately what we gain out of life is born out of the moments that we experience with those around us. Enhancing those experiences for you is our commitment, our passion, and our accomplishment.

Specializing in lifestyle driven European fashion, you will find renowned designer collections that reflect your unique flair, with looks that range from sophistication to youthful exuberance … from corporate attire to weekend wear … from special event outfits to destination wear. When you are looking for individualized service, you will find we are focused on your needs, and how our international brands fit within your lifestyle.

Enjoy fashion in an environment where modernity is tempered with the fine traditions of quality and age-old ethics, where the shopping culture is of a civilized experience.

“… let not excellence be merely a destination …
but rather, part of a journey that accompanies us in our daily pursuits …”

Formans Menswear … Calgary’s best kept secret … let the secret out.